100% control leading to 100% success

Indispensable for on schedule and stable performance in each order is the exact coordination of each compound and stage of production in every project handling.

Timely planed capacity will have the aftermath that immediately after the construction phase is finished, the fabrication can start. After every step of productions a quality control will take place, so the function of each yielded compound and the matching manufacturing can be proofed.

With completion of the construction we make the machine operating in our company, to prove the function and safety before delivery. This always happens with presence of the project leader.

With implementing our construction in your house we can make sure, that a flawless performance takes place – beginning with the planning and finishing with the long-time, interference-lean business.

WEINREICH disposes its own experimental plant, which proves every facility under pressure with fluids. Moreover we do temperature tests from -40°C up to 60°C in the factory-owned climate chamber (4 x 3 x 2 m).