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Carbonate precipitation plants

Ingeniously simple: sodium carbonate precipitation plant from Weinreich.

Increasing quality demands from end customers require effective precipitation of sodium carbonate from the electroplating bath. Its disposal represents a not inconsiderable cost factor for companies. An effective sodium carbonate precipitation system should therefore be able to be seamlessly integrated into the production process and have a high precipitation capacity with a low moisture content of the waste.

This is where the solution developed by Weinreich comes in: an effective water separation process is created with the help of a freezing process, which minimizes the cost of the sodium carbonate to be disposed of. The water content of the precipitated sodium carbonate is a fraction of most commercial precipitation techniques, which mostly produce sludge with a high water content.

The electrolyte solution to be cleaned can be taken from the running production process and is cooled down in the double-walled stainless steel tank to such an extent that the sodium carbonate freezes at the edges of the tank. This process is fully automatic and takes about 4-6 hours on average. After pumping off the purified solution and returning it to the plating tank, the almost dry sodium carbonate can be easily peeled off the inner wall of the tank. By means of a spatula, the waste plates are discharged through a 200 mm hole directly into a disposal container placed underneath. Depending on the size of the plant, up to 100 kg of dry precipitated sodium carbonate are thus produced per cleaning process.

Various safety devices and a high degree of automation ensure a low-risk process that can be quickly learned even by inexperienced employees. With a bath volume of 18 m3 , the Weinreich plant precipitates an average of 750 kg of sodium carbonate per week. Thanks to the generously dimensioned tank and the fast precipitation process, it is possible to respond quickly and effectively to order peaks, as several precipitation processes per day are possible.

As with all other Weinreich products, all components of the sodium carbonate precipitation plant are 100% made in Germany and designed for high durability and maximum operational reliability.

Conclusion: The sodium carbonate precipitation plant from Weinreich is characterized by an ingeniously simple design and thus by ease of operation and very low susceptibility to faults. At the same time, a consistently high quality of the zinc electrolyte solution as well as the galvanized products is ensured.

  • self-supporting steel containers with increased floor, ceiling and roof loads
  • double-wing door element
  • integrated space heating and lighting
  • pump frost protection circuit
  • ventilation or air conditioning
  • central power supply
  • non-slip PVC floor covering
  • wall openings for pipe and line penetrations
  • roof frames for high capacity condensers, free coolers and cooling towers

Special designs:

  • Sound insulation
  • Special sizes
  • Plant installation in approved sea containers for export
  • gas warning systems, leakage monitoring
  • Large removable wall elements
  • Modularly expandable
  • completely pre-assembled, low assembly costs at the installation site
  • no use of valuable production space in the building
  • transportable in case of change of location or relocation of production