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  •  self-supporting steel containers with increased floor, ceiling and roof loads
  •   double-wing door element
  •   integrated space heating and lighting
  •   pump frost protection circuit
  •   ventilation or air conditioning
  •   central power supply
  •   non-slip PVC floor covering
  •   wall openings for pipe and line penetrations
  •   roof frames for high-performance condensers, free coolers and cooling towers

special designs:

  •   Sound insulation
  •   Special sizes
  •   Plant installation in approved sea containers for export
  • gas warning systems, leakage monitoring
  • Large removable wall elements
  • Modularly expandable


  • completely pre-assembled, low assembly costs at the installation site
  • no use of valuable production space in the building
  • transportable in case of change of location or relocation of production




The customer, a leading automotive supplier, presented the development department with a comprehensive set of specifications with a variety of requirements for perfect mold cooling in a newly built location. The focus was on the desire to accommodate the cooling technology outside the core building in order to be able to react quickly and cost-effectively to growing space requirements or relocations in the future. After an efficient planning phase coordinated with the customer, planners and machine suppliers, the specifications were clearly defined within just eight weeks.

The result: a container cooling system with over 2,100 kW of compressor cooling machine drive capacity for up to 80 high-performance injection molding machines.

Maximum energy efficiency

In addition to consistently ensuring the cooling of all connected machines, the goal of high energy savings was at the top of the wish list. Weinreich's engineers achieved this by cleverly combining proven technology with state-of-the-art components.

These included free coolers, which take over mold cooling in a very energy-saving manner up to an outside temperature of 15°C. The necessary water can be taken entirely from the existing rainwater cistern. This was sufficiently dimensioned in the planning by the construction company to make it possible to dispense with expensive fresh water even in dry periods. This alone saves approx. 60,000 EUR per year for a three-shift operation.

In general, a heat recovery of approx. 700 kW is possible in continuous operation.

The not inconsiderable amount of waste heat from the injection molding machines is adjusted to a heating-friendly flow temperature of around 30°C and transferred to the building's central heating system. This significantly reduces the load on the gas central heating system of the approx. 12,000 m2 building.

Redundancy for maximum safety

In addition to the free cooling system, Weinreich installed a powerful compressor cooling system combined with state-of-the-art control technology and pump technology. The double-designed, frequency-controlled and demand-regulated pumps already meet the energy requirements of the day after tomorrow (IE-3) and enable low-maintenance and safe operation.

The compressor unit has been dimensioned in such a way that additional machines can also be easily integrated into this central cooling system in the future. Doubling the cooling capacity is possible at any time by retrofitting additional components in the existing container - even during operation.

The electronic control system was also designed with the future in mind: in addition to the fully graphical PLC control system, Weinreich also installed a standard electromechanical control system to enable manual operation of the system even in the event of computer failure or software problems.

Another advantage of this container cooling system is that in the event of a power failure, a powerful emergency generator guarantees the cooling of all molds, thus avoiding consequential damage.

Annual maintenance work can be carried out without shutting down the system, as all circuits and system-relevant components have been double-designed.

Absolute investment security

The motto "20 years of operation without any significant malfunction" was also the focus of this Weinreich project. The engineers demonstrated foresight, for example, in the choice of the necessary cooling water tanks: these multi-chamber tanks are welded from stainless steel and put commercially available blown PE tanks to shame. Cracking, leaks and aging are safely avoided.

The plate heat exchangers, equipped with filters, have an easy-to-maintain design: with very little labor, they can be quickly replaced or cleaned.

Trend towards central cooling

"In general, a trend towards central cooling can be observed in the market," says Dipl.-Ing. Guido Schulte, Managing Director of Weinreich. "The advantages are obvious: lower space requirements, better energy efficiency, centralized control and significantly reduced maintenance requirements ensure long-term cost savings in the production process."

In order to be able to respond better to individual customer requirements, Weinreich relies on containerized construction for this purpose.

Only 48 hours to start of production

Thanks to the space-saving accommodation in a heat- and sound-insulated double container, commissioning was possible within just two days. The high degree of pre-assembly reduced the amount of work required on site under adverse weather conditions to a minimum. Once the two containers, each measuring 5x6 m, had been placed on the prepared foundations, all that remained to be done was to connect the two modules and connect them to the on-site machine cooling system.

Competence for the highest demands

The application advantages of the entire Weinreich temperature control technology are also evident in this project: high-quality craftsmanship, no compromise in the choice of materials, easy operation, quick access to all included components (100% made in Germany), high durability and - if necessary - simple and quick maintenance or repair. Components can be replaced by the user's in-house technician or, optionally, by the 24-hour Weinreich customer service.


Weinreich met all of the customer's requirements, and at a cost that dwarfs comparable decentralized cooling technology. The extremely high energy savings potential ensures that this investment will have paid for itself in less than 5 years - a forward-looking solution that will secure competitive advantages for the customer in the long term.