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More manufacturing depth.

WEINREICH is the manufacturer of cooling and temperature control systems who also produces the self-developed systems completely in-house. At the company headquarters in Lüdenscheid, Westphalia, all manufacturing steps are located under one roof:

  •     Administration
  •     Development
  •     Programming
  •     Control engineering
  •     Plant engineering
  •     Stainless steel locksmithery
  •     Steel locksmith shop
  •     Welding shop
  •     Pipeline construction
  •     Paint shop
  •     Assembly

This ensures short distances, quick decisions and efficient production at the industrial site in Germany.

More "Made in Germany" is not possible.

All purchased components such as pumps or control technology are "made in Germany". Low-quality components, e.g. from the Far East, are out of the question for us. If possible, we prefer suppliers from the region. We deliberately produce in Germany and also attach great importance to this being done by our upstream suppliers. This ensures sustainable jobs in our home country.

More sustainability.

At WEINREICH, we already specialized in energy saving when this was not yet an important topic in the industry. For example, we install demand-controlled pumps, state-of-the-art control technology and components designed for efficiency. This ensures that our plants consume significantly less energy than the market average. Qualified employees ensure high-quality workmanship. To safeguard Germany as an industrial location, we train the next generation - with full conviction!


More ISO 50001.

ISO 50001 is a globally applicable standard designed to help companies establish systematic energy management; it can also be used to prove an energy management system compliant with the standard through certification.  Our PLC-controlled systems support our customers in implementing, complying with and documenting DIN EN ISO 50001. Thanks to real-time energy monitoring, consumption and the power output can be read out and evaluated at any time.


More than 144,000 operating hours.

Our plants are characterized by an above-average service life. Virtually every system we manufacture has been running for more than 20 years - almost always trouble-free. In 3-shift operation, this quickly adds up to more than 140,000 operating hours. And if a malfunction does occur, our own service department is immediately on hand to provide advice and assistance.


More customer satisfaction.

Our customers do not only invest in a technical plant - they invest in a long-term partnership. By choosing WEINREICH, our customers get direct access to our know-how and have access to the WEINREICH partner program with technical service, consulting and, if necessary, rental machines.